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Stop Handwriting

With Prep-Pal’s Labeling Solutions, streamline your organization with custom shelf tags, grab-n-go labels, and prep labels tailored to your needs. Prep-Pal empowers efficiency, offering a comprehensive suite of labeling options to meet diverse requirements.

Automated Food Rotation Manager

Customize Prep-Pal to fit your needs
Prints Prep & Custom Labels

Prep-Pal Kit

• Prep-Pal Software on Flashdrive
• Prep-Pal Thermal Printer

Prep-Pal 7 MPC Kit

  • Prep-Pal 7 Software
  • Prep-Pal Printer
  • 10.1 Prep-Pal Touch Screen MINI PC

Prep-Pal Station

  • Prep-Pal 7 Software
  • Prep-Pal Thermal Printer
  • 10.1 Prep-Pal Touch Screen MINI PC
  • Enclosure with wall mount bracket

Maintain Food Safety

Ensure Accuracy

Simplify Workflow

Elevate Peace of Mind

Save Time & Money




Prep Features

software for Prep-Pal Introducing Prep-Pal Food Rotation Label System: streamline your food prep with ease. Print custom labels, bag stuffers, and coupons swiftly. Choose single or multiple labels in seconds, with software storing prep lists and employee names for seamless daily prep. HACCP compliant, labels include product details, prep time, expiration dates, and SKU barcode, printing 60 labels per minute. Enhance productivity, elevate health inspection scores, minimize food waste, and tailor food prep lists effortlessly.

Wireless printing capability with handheld

Food Prep Labels

Grab-N-Go Labels

Easily add Logo on Labels

QR code on Labels

Bulk Printing

Create and customize your own labels at any time

Easy-to-use software, picture-driven buttons

HQ Manager enables cloud-based file syncing